Dauds on Competition Law – Substantive Issues – 1st Edition Hard Copy




This is a hard copy edition of the book and will be delivered via courier.

“The book is both a handy and scholarly work.”

– Supreme court Judge of Appeal  Judge Nigel Willis

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This book deals with competition law and related microeconomic concepts. The following topics are covered: competition law and the influence of economics, competition regulation, elasticities and cross-elasticities of demand and their relevance in competition regulation, economic standards in competition analysis, market structure, market definition, the relevance of market definition, market concentration, market power, horizontal price fixing, vertical price fixing, exclusionary conduct, predatory pricing, excessive pricing, tie-ins (bundlings), the essential facilities doctrine, price discrimination, horizontal mergers, vertical mergers. The manuscript was reviewed by the Competition Commissioner, the Competition Commission’s Chief Legal Counsel as well as Chief Economist. The Commissioner wrote the Foreword to the book.