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Tax Law

Cornwell has vast experience in tax law, he previously was a director at the South African Revenue Service (SARS), a tax practitioner at a law firm and a senior corporate tax manager at an audit firm.

Cornwell advises and litigates on the full range of tax law, be it corporate tax, international tax, capital gains tax or value-added tax. He has written extensively on tax law and is about to publish two books. While the one deals with corporate reorganisation transactions (incorporation transactions, mergers, demergers, intragroup transactions, liquidation transactions and the use of debt in reorganisation transactions), the other deals with international tax issues (transfer pricing, thin capitalisation, controlled foreign companies (CFCs), taxation of business profits, attribution of profits to permanent establishments, taxation of cross-border dividend income, taxation of cross-border interest income, international double taxation, headquarter companies, etc). Cornwell has also published a number of articles which deal with tax law.

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